The appearance of a magazine in the scientific landscape is a moment of balance, but it also marks a beginning for the history series of the Annals of the “Vasile Conta” High School in Târgu-Neamț. A scientific series, made up of the hope that it will be continued with other fields.

The magazine appears in a year with important anniversaries for national history. It is 30 years since the Revolution of December 1989 and 15 years since Romania's accession to NATO, 2019 being the year declared by the Romanian Orthodox Church, of the Romanian village.

It is not a local magazine, and the publication does not want a high school magazine, even if it is, but not exclusively, the result of their efforts.

It appears in Târgu-Neamț, but it addresses a wide area, in the idea that in the pre-university, archival and university environment, there are enough intellectual resources, which can be involved in historical and archival knowledge.



- Inclusion of the magazine in prestigious international databases.
- Dissemination of the magazine abroad based on subscription and orders.
- Increasing the number of articles with foreign authors.
- Visibility of editions in electronic format.
- Increasing the graphic quality of printed magazines.

The Annals of „Vasile Conta” High School Târgu-Neamț, History Series wants to introduce into the academic circuit and effectively promote the historiographical contributions of historians, promote critical thinking, impose a forum for historical debate at the academic level on issues of training researchers and the status of discipline in a open society; promoting young researchers.